If given a platform

People will always expose who they are

People will always expose who they are.

If given a platform, people will always expose who they really are. Whether they attempt to paint a different picture or just hop on the denial train. What they post and complain about truly shows you the type of character they are. Many will go on and on about something we’ve all experienced. But for some strange reason, they seem to think that they’re the only ones affected, which has them also thinking that they are a subject expert on the matter.

Listen we’ve all experienced heart ache

Listen we’ve all experienced heartache, let down, and feeling like a castaway. Individuals will continuously reveal who they are. But those certain individuals who have to put on a show to let others know how disappointed they are about:

  • Being Single
  • Hating their job
  • Members of the opposite sex ain’t shit
  • Being there for everyone but no one there for them
  • Having no real friends

And the list goes on and on. Now I can only share my personal experience and that is you can only control you and how you respond to issues. People will be just that, people. To get your knickers in a bunch over how someone chooses to be is the most nonsensical way to be.

Be mindful of what you post

Be mindful of what you post and put out there for the world to read. We all get judged, through every action/interaction period. But when you hop on social media and plaster your feelings all out there. But why would you want to put anything negative in print (digital that is) which never goes away? And brought up once you get over this moment in your life?

Many only think of the right now, never for the future. And you wonder why you’re single? Keep sharing posts that feel like you can’t be bothered. Then write another post suggests that you’re open for love, but the next post reeks of male/female bashing.

Yeah get comfortable being single if this is your approach to everything.

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