It’s Been a few…

2020 is a bust

What’s going on with everybody it’s been a few since I did a blog post but here it is.

I hope everyone is doing fine and I hope everyone is healthy. As well as practicing social distancing because this world as we know it has changed this year

2020 has been a difficult year. I mean between COVID-19 and self-quarantine the world as we know it has changed drastically. Things we used to take for granted like having drinks with friends has changed. Now most of us feel like superheroes getting in and out of the car. Because you realize you need your mask and you’d end up having to go back for it. Slowly with a lot of stores are starting to reopen and you definitely need your mask

What’s the difficult thing about everything that’s going on is that a lot of people just aren’t respecting social distancing. Many health professionals str saying that we’re not even in the bad part of it. With some not practicing social distancing for whatever reason it seems like 2020 it’s just the waste of a year. 

But I do have faith that we’ll come out on the other side much stronger, wiser, and better. 

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Urban Superhero Tuck is an avid cartoon, horror, sci-fi and whiskey aficionado. Most likely to be found at pubs, speakeasies and live music venues. He's also known for his ninja-like skills when arriving/leaving events or gatherings as many can't say they saw him arrive/leave.

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