The Souldaires at the Bassment

Story Highlights
  • The Souldaires perform each 1st Wednesday of the month at the Nomad 905 N Orange St
  • Darnell Miller has a new EP Jesus & Jameson coming out later this year.

Had a great time at this month’s edition of the bassment featuring the souldaires. I managed to record some video of their performance with my iPhone, please forgive the quality it was very dark and I was very much tipsy after like 5 Guinnesses. The thing I love the most about going to the nomad is both the staff and customers are so friendly and everyone is there to enjoy the great performances by some of Delaware hidden band treasures.

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Urban Superhero Tuck is an avid cartoon, horror, sci-fi and whiskey aficionado. Most likely to be found at pubs, speakeasies and live music venues. He's also known for his ninja-like skills when arriving/leaving events or gatherings as many can't say they saw him arrive/leave.

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